Regenerative Energy

Wind farms

The energy switch is blowing strong

As the world needs ever more energy, and environmental and climate protection requirements become ever more stringent, utility companies, industry and consumers need to use energy as efficiently and responsibly as possible. What we need are technologies which can make wind, solar power, hydroelectric and geothermal systems more efficient. KÖHL offers products and solutions tailored to individual industries and their requirements, with special automation, energy distribution and drive solutions helping make industry more sustainable and energy-efficient.

KÖHL was one of the first to bring economically designed wind turbines onto the market, using state of the art technologies and project management knowhow from development through design and installation to operating systems. KÖHL acts as main contractor in building wind farms. Our service portfolio covers acquiring sites, planning permission and laying out wind farms, deciding the location, size and type of units to use. Depending on the location and resulting demands on technology and financial viability, KÖHL works with leading wind turbine makers and designs both individual units and wind farms of all sizes in fields, meadows and forests. KÖHL is your competent partner throughout the life cycle, optimising energy yield through to repowering or demolishing systems.

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